Sheffield Devops - April 2017 Meetup

The next Sheffield Devops Meetup takes place on Thursday 13th April and is generously sponsored by Microsoft. We’re at a new venue for us, the Sentinel Brewery and Tap on Shoreham Street with refreshments on arrival.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite

About the Speakers

The first talk will be by Jordan Appleson from Hark Systems:

How Hark built and scale their real-time sensor platform using Azure Native services

Hark are a start-up, they needed to build not only cloud connected hardware, but also a highly available fault tolerant MVP in just a couple of months. Coming from an on-premises background where Puppet reigned (and literally rained) over infrastructure, Jordan will talk through how a small team at Hark managed to build a fully automated DevOps pipeline in the space of days by leveraging the simplicity of Azure Cloud native service, ARM Templates, and Visual Studio Team Services.

Jordan is a software, hardware and systems engineer working in the North of England, he currently heads up a cloud and IoTcompany called Hark where he designs and builds distributed systems and hardware to help companies monitor and store sensor data in real time. His primary passion is the .NET Eco-system and surrounding cloud technologies that Microsoft produce. You’ll find him writing C#, F# and Go.

The second talk will be by Ivan Merrill from Capital One:

Monitoring is the new Testing

This talk is an attempt to show that monitoring is not only good practice, but a key part of a building and supporting successful applications, and deserves to be treated with the same focus that testing now enjoys.

As you can guess, Ivan is passionate about monitoring! More specifically, he tries to communicate how monitoring can be used right from the beginning of a project to help develop great software and how monitoring can be used to build a positive, DevOps style, culture. His main focus is on Application Performance Management using tools such as AppDynamics.


Sentinel Brewery and Tap

178 Shoreham Street


S1 4SQ

0114 3999 888


This month we are proudly sponsored by Microsoft